Gallery installation of the film ‘Lost Libraries’. Cabinet length 3200mm right 1700mm left x 670 (h) x 400 (d). Installation views: The Dream of the Library, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen 2017

‘Lost Libraries’ is a split screen film meditating on a solitary journey I made to fifteen sites of former libraries along the Silk Road, courtesy of a prize I was awarded at Art Basel in 2016, the BMW art journey. The libraries I visited were lost between 251BCE and 2011 to political conflict, natural catastrophe, revolution, and war, following a line from China to Italy. The film is a montage of 16mm footage I shot at the former library sites interwoven with home movies and archive news reports. The narration, in three voices, considers what it means to be lost, and the many ways of looking. In a fuller installation, a lit cabinet leads the viewer into the world of the film. Here the film is made sculptural in an array of objects and books seen in the film along with other materials and surfaces that confuse sight, such as tinted and textured glass and mirror.

A clip showing five minutes from the 19-minute film is viewable above.