Between, 2022 | 3000 (h) x 1175 (w) x 1175 (d) mm, black galvanised steel frame, glass, (shattered car windscreen glass at base) window vinyl, switchable window film, timer, electrical supply 

Installed in Coventry Cathedral, Between is the third commission of the Broken Angel series - 01 November 2022 to 23 February 2023; it is a free-standing glass and steel sculpture set against the window where the Angel of the Eternal Gospel once was (destroyed in an act of vandalism January 2020).

The static sculpture alters with the light, and is animated further when you move around the work as the colours blend and change. As well as glass, contemporary window films are used in the work, including a “switchable” film which shifts from transparent to opaque white when an electric current is applied. This cuts off then restores the view though the glass; the visual equivalent of a door opening and closing. I am thinking of the shafts of light which pierce the sacred space of the cathedral. They make slanting shapes on the tapestry wall, like opening doors that move with the light.

Between draws attention to the West Screen as a threshold, although it is a permeable one. The glass allows for moments of reflection and recognition, enabling viewers to see themselves and others within and through it. Between invites further interaction through its varying surfaces, colours and angles. Whilst it is a solid structure, the heart of the work is transience and indeterminacy.