CORE has been commissioned by Flamm - Cornwall's new festival of visual arts, in this its pilot year.

CORE will be made in collaboration with sound artists, groups of young people from the area, and with the quarry itself. Holman quarry has bitten into the north side of Carn Marth - a hill at the edge of Redruth. Its granite walls are peppered with hundreds of holes drilled in rhythmic patterns.

Reynolds’ Stelae sculpture will be exhibiting in the gardens of Kestle Barton, alongside the photographs of Fay Godwin showing in the gallery. September 9th to October 29th.

Lenscratch feature ‘Photography into Sculpture’ by Elizabeth Stone 

Reynolds’ permanent commission Tre (2022) can be seen in the great library window at Kresen Kernow, the Cornish archive. She talks about her approach to making Tre in this YouTube video

'Elliptical Reading’ frieze continues at The Box, Plymouth.

Abigail is now working with MHG