2019    Glass with an address: An address to a beach 
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2016     Lost Libraries first site. Download the full pdf courtesy of The Bulletins of the Serving Library #12 here.

2016     With the earth’s rotation... Read more.


2023   Interview feature Photography into Sculpture by Elizabeth Stone Lenscratch

2022    Abigail Reynolds in conversation with Sir Nick Serota. See more.
2022    Abigail Reynolds in conversation with Richard Ovenden. See more.

2017    Elephant Magazine: 5 Questions with Abigail Reynolds by Robert Shore. Download the PDF.

2017    CLIP Update: Accessing the Lost Libraries of the Silk Road (pp. 30 - 32). Download the PDF.


2022    Launch of Tre by Abigail Reynolds,short film by Neal Megaw. See more.

2022    Lost Libraries on the Silk Road, Kresen Kernow.
See more.

2021    'Tre' - a new artwork for Kresen Kernow, Abigail Reynolds. See more. 

2020    ‘Glass with an address’, was published as a slightly edit in Yellowfields. See more 

2017    ‘Lost Libraries first sites’, was published in The Serving Library. See more 

2016    ‘With the earth’s rotation...’, was written for Groundwork. See more 


2022    ‘Beautiful Utopias’ by Martin Holman in Drift magazine.

2022    ‘Cornish Beach’ by Dom Carter in Creative Boom.

2017    Artsy Editorial: 'Abigail Reynolds Travelled the World to Libraries that No Longer Exist' by Abigail Cain. Download the PDF.

2016    Quality Magazin: ‘Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen Buch by Alexandria Fels, (pp.113-123). Download the PDF.