Unique folded lithographs, 780 x 580 x 40 mm.

These lithographs play on the distortion created by simple paper folds. The black image is fractured by the fold - releasing the colour image like the unconscious of the photograph. The Chamberlain House (1941) photograph is the one Gropius chose to ideally represent his building. I chose also a photograph of Breuer’s interior for the United Nations building (1958) because the order fractured by the fold is here World Order - the seats of the conference hall are intended for the delegates of all the countries in the UN.

I worked with Gray Area Print in Los Angeles to create an edition of ten from two of the folded unique prints. The Untitled (Breuer) Edition can be bought in my bookshop here, and the the Untitled (Gropius) Edition can be bought here