The Wonderful Story of London Editions 1 & 2 1936 | 1950  2010

The Wonderful Story of London Editions 1 & 2 1936 | 1950

Here are 24 works taking the first and second edition of the same ilustration. The text is unchanged. The intervening years between editions are the years of WW2.  Sometimes the photographs in ed.2 have been retaken to show damage from the blitz (e.g. 'criminal court'), sometimes it seems an aesthetic decision was made to take a photograph in a more contemporary formal style (e.g. Thames House), sometimes to show a more modern London (e.g. Heath  Row (sic)). The cuts preserve both papers entirely so that there is a complete doubling of two images and times into one new surface. The cut patterns are dictated by the details of the photographs and also have a modernist quality.

The cuts I make respond to the images very specifically. They are necessarily geometric and function to preserve as much of the image as possible: because the images are folded to project upwards all of both images can be simultaneously present. This is very important in my thinking about the universal now - the simultaneous presence of two moments in time - plus the time for the viewer.

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Cut and folded book pages, each work is approx. 25cm x 17.5cm

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